Policy:  Credit Transfer Policy
Responsible Unit: Academics Affairs
Category: General Academic Office of Origin:  Registration and Records Policy Contact by Title: Vice President of Academic Affairs
  Effective Date:  N/A Revised Date(s): 9.16.15; 10.1.15; 3.17.16; 10.19.16;1.24.17; 4.20.17
Compliance:  HEA § 132(i)(1)(V)(iv),485(h)(1); 20 USC 1092; 34 CFR 668.43(a)(11); HEOA Public Law No. 110-315ODHE Guidelines & Procedures for Academic Program Review Chpt. 4; OAC 4723-5-12(A)(3) - Advance Standing CreditHLC Assumed Practices CRRT.B.10.020 A.5.d; HLC Criteria for Accreditation CRRT.B.10.010 Criterion 4.A.2. and 4.A.3.; HLC Policy CRRT.B.10.020 B.1.g. PUBLICATION OF TRANSFER POLICIES FDCR.A.10.040
Scope:  Students, faculty and staff
Approving Body (ies) and Date(s) (approved by each):  TCC Board 7.27.21
Policy Statement 
The Christ College may grant credit to students based on previous academic, employment, experiential, and/or other learning experiences.  Credit may be considered for class and/or clinical credit toward degree completion.  Credit for prior learning is awarded for demonstrated college-level learning which entails knowledge, skills, and competencies that students have obtained as a result of their learning.  Credit for prior learning will be awarded only for learning directly applicable to curriculum requirements of The Christ College and the student's declared program of study.

Transfer Credit (sometimes referred to as Advance Standing) means that a student receives credit for a TCCNHS course by using one of the methods listed below to demonstrate successful completion of appropriate prior academic credit and/or work experience.

Credit by Examination
Credit for Experiential Learning
Credit from Career-Technical Institutions (CTAGs)
Military Credit
Training Programs/Extra-Institutional Learning
Transfer Credit for Completed College Courses

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