Statewide Operating Standards (SOS)
Statewide Operating Standards
Texas State Technical College’s (TSTC) Statewide Operating Standards (SOS) documents constitute the body of statewide standards for TSTC operations.  Accordingly, there are three types of SOS documents -- those implementing Board Of Regents (BOR) Policy, those executing Executive Orders of the Chancellor, and those ensuring Compliance with applicable state and federal laws, regulations, and/or accreditation requirements.

All SOS documents undergo an internal review process prior to approval by the College’s Executive Management Council and, if applicable, the TSTC BOR.

Documents are indexed into one of the four major categories: Educational Services, Fiscal Affairs, General Administration and Human Resources.  When selecting a category, a new subcategory menu will appear that contains links to content area SOS documents making it convenient to find information.  If you are unable to find a specific topic, use the general search feature below.

SOS documents are not intended to and should not be regarded as a contract between the College and any person.  While every effort is made to provide College personnel, students, and the public with the most accurate and up-to-date information, SOS documents are subject to change.  Please direct any questions or comments to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research via email at
 All Statewide Operating Standards 
     154 documents
CategorySub Category
  ES 1.01Intellectual PropertyEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.02Faculty EvaluationEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.06Academic Freedom and ResponsibilityEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.07Faculty Ranking - UNDER REVISION: 03.13.2024Educational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.11Faculty CredentialsEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.15Faculty Expectations and Workload - UNDER REVISION: 11.16.2021Educational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.16Employment of Adjunct FacultyEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 1.17Faculty Role in GovernanceEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  ES 2.05Termination of Regular Instructional ProgramsEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.08Workforce Training and Continuing EducationEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.09Institutional Review BoardGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  ES 2.10Credit Award for Assessments and TrainingEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 2.11Copyright ComplianceEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.12Semester Credit Hour DefinitionEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.13New Program Application and ApprovalEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.14Curriculum CommitteeEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.15Curriculum Review and RevisionEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.16Learning Resource Center Collection PolicyEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.17Learning Resource Center EvaluationEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.18Collaborative Educational Partnership AgreementsEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.19Dual Credit Partnership Between TSTC and Secondary SchoolsEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 2.20Distance EducationEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 3.01Student Leadership OrganizationsEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.02Scholastic StandardsEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.05Alcohol and Drug Possession and UseEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.07Developmental Education ProgramsEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 3.08Drug Free Schools, Campuses & WorkplaceEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.09Graduate GuaranteeEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 3.10Campus Security Policy & Crime Statistics Reporting and Fire Safety ReportingEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.11Auditing of CoursesEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 3.12Transfer and Substitution of CreditEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 3.13Criteria for Scholastic HonorsEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 3.14Use of Student ImagesGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  ES 3.21Student and Employee OrganizationsEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.22Student TravelEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.23Student Rights & ResponsibilitiesEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.24Student Grievances and ComplaintsEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.25Involuntary Student Separation or WithdrawalEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.26Students with DisabilitiesEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 3.27Student RecruitmentEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.03Conducting Classes with Less Than 10 StudentsEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 4.06Grading SystemEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.07Admission of StudentsEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.08Alumni Follow-UpGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  ES 4.11Student Absences on Religious HolidaysEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  ES 4.13Changing a Grade on a Student's Permanent Academic RecordEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.15Repeat Courses and GPA CalculationEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.17Requirements for GraduationEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.22Student Attendance RecordsEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.23Calculation of Student Grade Point AverageEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.24Determination of Good Cause for Course DropsEducational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  ES 4.26Honorary Associate DegreesEducational ServicesInstructional Programs and Support
  ES 4.27Academic IntegrityEducational ServicesStudent Rights, Activities & Conduct
  FA 1.09Refund of Tuition and Fee ScheduleFiscal AffairsTuition, Fees, and Financial Aid
  FA 1.4Annual Preparation and Maintenance of BudgetFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 1.6Taking of Consumable InventoryFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 1.8Payment by InstallmentsFiscal AffairsTuition, Fees, and Financial Aid
  FA 1.10Tuition and Fee ScheduleFiscal AffairsTuition, Fees, and Financial Aid
  FA 1.12Resident Tuition for Students of Bordering States or NationsFiscal AffairsTuition, Fees, and Financial Aid
  FA 1.13Disposal of Surplus PropertyFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 1.14Utilization of a Contracted WorkforceFiscal AffairsProcurement & Employee Travel
  FA 1.16Purchasing AuthorityFiscal AffairsProcurement & Employee Travel
  FA 1.17Emergency Student Tuition, Fee and Textbook LoanFiscal AffairsTuition, Fees, and Financial Aid
  FA 1.19Real and Personal Property AccountabilityFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 1.20InsuranceFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 1.23Post Issuance Tax-Exempt BondFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 2.02Control of Cash, Cash Receipts and Cash RefundsFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 2.03Policy for InvestmentsFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 2.1Establishment and Control of Petty Cash FundsFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 2.4Policy for Debt ManagementFiscal AffairsFinance, Budget & Asset Management
  FA 3.1Acceptance of Gifts and BequestsGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  FA 3.2Fiscal Administration of Gifts and Grants as Agency FundsGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  FA 3.3Texas Public Educational GrantsFiscal AffairsTuition, Fees, and Financial Aid
  FA 3.4Administration of Sponsored Program GrantsGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  FA 4.4Contract AdministrationFiscal AffairsProcurement & Employee Travel
  FA 5.4Utilization of Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)Fiscal AffairsProcurement & Employee Travel
  FA 6.1Official TSTC Employee TravelFiscal AffairsProcurement & Employee Travel
  GA 1.1Board of Regents Organization and OperationGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.3Preparation of Statewide Operating StandardsGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.5.1Records ManagementGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.5.2Student Records (FERPA)Educational ServicesAdmissions & Student Records
  GA 1.5.3Texas Public Information ActGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.5.5Information ResourcesGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.6Risk ManagementGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.1Safety ProgramGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.2Hazard Communication ProgramGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.3Fire SafetyGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.4Indoor Air QualityGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.5Infection Prevention and Exposure ControlGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.6Driver SafetyGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.7Minors on CampusGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.8Lockout Tagout ProceduresGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.9Eyewash & Shower StationGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.10Concealed HandgunsGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.11Timely Warnings and Emergency NotificationsGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.12Small Appliance UseGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.13Heavy Machinery Equipment SafetyGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.6.14Campus Police DepartmentGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.7Dissemination of InformationGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  GA 1.10Institutional MembershipsFiscal AffairsProcurement & Employee Travel
  GA 1.13Ownership, Use of Texas State Technical College Name, Marks, Logos and Brand ManagementGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  GA 1.14Audits and Review by External AuditorsGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.15Fraudulent Use of Assets and ResourcesGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.16Reporting Wrongdoing or RetaliationGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.17Fraud HotlineGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.18Employee Use of Social MediaGeneral AdministrationMarketing & Communication
  GA 1.19Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity PlanGeneral AdministrationSafety & Risk Management
  GA 1.20Event Management and Dignitary ProtocolGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  GA 1.22Institutional EffectivenessGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.23SACSCOC Substantive Change ComplianceGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 1.24College CommitteesGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 2.1SubpoenasGeneral AdministrationGovernance and General Administration
  GA 4.1Facilities Master PlanGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 4.3Selection of Architects & EngineersGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 4.4Process for Construction or Renovation of FacilitiesGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 4.5Building Inventory & UtilizationGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 4.7Naming of Buildings and Other Specified EntitiesGeneral AdministrationInstitutional Advancement
  GA 4.8Facilities Access ControlGeneral AdministrationFacilities, Maintenance and Construction
  GA 5.1Information TechnologyGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.1Password Use and Management for Information TechnologyGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.2Management of Outsourced Information Services and MaintenanceGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.3Information Technology User Account ManagementGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.4Acceptable Use of Information Technology ResourcesGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.5Managing Changes in Information TechnologyGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.6Data Classification and Handling StandardGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.7Information Technology Infrastructure Management (Server Management)General AdministrationInformation Technology
  GA 5.1.8Information Security Awareness and TrainingGeneral AdministrationInformation Technology
  HR 1.18Faculty Professional DevelopmentEducational ServicesFaculty Affairs
  HR 2.1.4NepotismHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.1.9Faculty and Executive ContractHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.1.11Reduction in ForceHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.1.12Ethics and Standards of ConductHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.1.14Equal Opportunity in Employment and in College Admission and AttendanceHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.1.15Veterans Employment PreferenceHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.1.16Former Foster Children Employment PreferenceHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.2.1Wage & Salary Administration & Employee TransferHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.2.3Employee Performance AppraisalsHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.2.7Employee Orientation PeriodsHuman ResourcesEmployment & Hiring Practices
  HR 2.2.8Compensation for OvertimeHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.2.9Faculty Compensation - UNDER REVISION: 12.14.2023Human ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.2.10Staff Compensation - UNDER REVISION: 12.14.2023Human ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.3.5SORM- Workers Compensation InsuranceHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.3.9Sick Leave Pool Administration - UNDER REVISION: 04.05.2023Human ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.3.12Employee Leaves and Holidays - UNDER REVISION: 04.05.2023Human ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.3.13Family and Medical LeaveHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.3.14Return-to-Work ProgramHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.4.1Employee Corrective ActionHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.4.4AIDS/HIV in the Workplace and Learning EnvironmentHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.4.8Prohibiting Workplace ViolenceHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.4.13Smoking PolicyHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.4.14Conflict Resolution- ComplaintsHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.4.15Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Gender-Based DiscriminationHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.5.1Anti-HarassmentHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
  HR 2.5.2Americans with Disabilities ActHuman ResourcesEmployee Relations
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