2.17 Appeals - Faculty Handbook   



This section of the Faculty Handbook describes the process of appealing a negative decision made by the dean regarding faculty promotion, tenure, or non-reappointment.

Effective Date: 08/15/2023


Review/Revised Date: 08/15/2023


Category: Faculty Affairs


Policy Owner: Faculty Senate

Policy Contact: Faculty Policy and Procedures Committee



2.17 Appeals

Appeals are requests to the Provost for a reconsideration of the judgment by a dean that a faculty member should be denied reappointment, promotion, or tenure. Appeal of a negative decision shall be communicated to the Provost by the faculty member, in writing, within thirty calendar days of the date of denial. The Provost decision shall be communicated to the faculty member, in writing, within 60 days unless the Provost extends the timeframe for extenuating circumstances.  Appeals to the Provost not resolved within the 60 day period will be considered as falling under the extenuating circumstances exception and shall not be construed as accepted or granted.  A negative decision by the Provost ends the administrative review. The date upon which the initial written notice of non-reappointment is given in writing to the faculty member shall commence the running of the 12-month terminal appointment, not the date upon which the Provost appeal decision is given.