Employee Photo Identification Badge/ONE Card - HR Policy 316   



This human resources policy describes requirements and process for issuing employee photo identification badges, called -ONE Cards-.

Effective Date: 08/01/2018


Review/Revised Date: 08/01/2018


Category: Human Resources


Policy Owner: CHRO

Policy Contact: Executive Director Human Resources - Benefits




In order to be properly recognized as a member of the UAB workforce, all employees of UAB are issued a photo identification badge called a "ONE Card." In addition to serving as identification, the ONE Card may provide access to buildings and other secured areas on campus. Building or facility access is assigned based on job responsibilities.  The ONE Card is also required identification for use of certain UAB facilities or resources, such as libraries, and for discounts available at the cafeterias and special events. 

To help ensure the safety and security of students, employees, patients, and visitors, all faculty and staff are required to wear their ONE Card in plain view while on campus.  UAB Hospital employees must wear their ONE Card in accordance with the Hospital's Personal Appearance, Dress Code and Uniforms policy.  

UAB identification badges, to include facility access cards, must reflect an individual's current employment information and may be used only by the individual to whom it was issued.  Employees may not €loan€ their identification badge to anyone for any reason.  Employees with access to a building or facility must not allow others who do not have approval to follow them in or gain access.   

Violations of this policy may result in progressive discipline up to and including dismissal.   


UAB Hospital Personnel Support Services has the primary responsibility for issuing ONE Cards for Hospital employees. The ONE Card for UAB Hospital employees are made prior to or during New Employee Orientation.  

University ONE Cards may be issued by Physical Security or at other carding locations listed in the Guidelines below.  Supervisors may request additional building/facility access for employees as a One Card request or via email to Physical Security.   

A lost, stolen or misplaced identification badge must be reported to the employee's supervisor immediately and Physical Security must be contacted to €deactivate€ the card to prevent unauthorized use.  UAB Hospital Personnel Support Services or Physical Security should be contacted concerning card replacement or updated employment information.   

Employees must surrender their identification badge to their supervisor, the ONE Card office, or Human Resources upon termination of employment, beginning an administrative leave of absence, or when requested.
For additional information regarding the ONE Card and carding locations, reference the ONE Card Guidelines.

Date Issued: 10/80