Employment and Other External Activities - HR Policy 128   



This policy details the specifications for UAB employees securing outside employment and participating in other external activities. Faculty are directed to reference the "External and Internal Activities" section of the Faculty Handbook.

Effective Date: 3/1/2017


Review/Revised Date: 8/8/2022


Category: Human Resources


Policy Owner: CHRO

Policy Contact: Executive Director Human Resources - Employment



With prior approval of University management, employees may be permitted employment and other activities outside of UAB. For full-time regular employees, (including 3/12 hour shift employees) their UAB job is expected to be their primary employment.  External activities are allowed under the following conditions:

  1. they do not interfere with the performance of other institutional responsibilities as an employee;
  2. they are compatible with the interests of UAB as a public academic institution; and
  3. they do not violate state law and policy related to use of UAB resources or facilities.
Outside employment and other activities should not bring discredit to the University, nor should an employee use their association with the University to acquire the position. Before accepting activities outside of UAB, employees must obtain approval of their supervisors, using electronic forms as appropriate to ensure that no conflict of interest or conflict of commitment exists or is acceptably managed.
Approved external activities must be performed on the employee's own time.  This includes, for example, nights and weekends (or the equivalent for shift employees), personal holidays, or vacation. 
In the case of faculty members, who, as academicians, are given latitude to arrange their own work schedules in a way that achieves the aims specified in their appointment letters, their "own time" may also include time away arranged during their otherwise typical work schedules.  This is only possible with the advance approval of the department chair/dean and after the faculty member demonstrates that they can otherwise accomplish their primary education, research, or service responsibilities as expected.  Faculty members may reasonably rearrange their work schedules in this way to release no more than 20 (twenty) typical working days per year and recommend no more than 5 (five) days be rearranged per quarter.  Beyond 20 days per year, personal holiday or vacation is more appropriate to accommodate external activities and must be charged for the time away from UAB. 
Regardless of the type of leave used to perform external activities, time away from UAB employment is at the discretion of and must be approved by University management.  University management necessarily reserves the right to reschedule work assignments to meet the demands of University employment and to address issues of excess or abuse as conflicts of commitment arise.  The processes for obtaining advance approval to perform external activities and for obtaining advance approval for leave are independent of one another.  Both must be successfully completed prior to performing an external activity.  Employees who are engaged in external activities at the time of hire are required to seek approval prior to continuing the engagement.
Activities specifically classified as Professional Public Service Activities by the UAB Enterprise Conflict of Interest Conflict of Commitment are part of an employee's University responsibilities and are not considered external activities for purposes of this policy.  Professional Public Service Activities are exempted from the requirement to obtain advance approval under the UAB Enterprise Conflict of Interest Conflict of Commitment.  However, schools may require advance approval if the professional public service activity engagement requires an employee to miss a University commitment, such as a lecture or clinic.  Additionally, investigators must adhere to notification requirements contained in the  UAB Enterprise Conflict of Interest Conflict of Commitment  Time spent in these activities may be considered professional leave, a category of leave that does not reduce banked benefit time.  Time spent attending professional development seminars, conferences, and educational sessions related to one's UAB role may also be considered professional leave.
Clinical practice activities performed by faculty who do not have clinical appointments within the UAB Enterprise but who are required in their letters of appointment to maintain professional licensure require advance approval as external activities.  However, time spent in such activities may be considered professional leave.