Filling a Position - HR Policy 102   



This policy describes the processes for creating a new position and refilling an old position.

Effective Date: 8/1/2009


Review/Revised Date: 8/1/2009


Category: Human Resources


Policy Owner: CHRO

Policy Contact: Executive Director Human Resources - Employment



To fill a position the hiring department must complete a Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form (University) or a Hospital Position Requisition Form and forward it through the approval route. Instructions for the completion of forms can be found on the HR website at

University Positions

The hiring department must complete a Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form  as soon as it knows that a vacancy will exist. The Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form should provide as much detail as possible about the job vacancy. After the appropriate approvals are obtained the hiring department forwards the form to the Compensation Division. Once received by Compensation, it is reviewed for correct classification, account number and job number, and then salary range and grade level are written on the form.

Compensation sends the Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form to the Employment Division. If there is an Affirmative Action goal for the position it is documented on the form in the Employment Division. The Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form is assigned to the appropriate Staffing Specialist. Upon receiving the form, the Staffing Specialist contacts the hiring manager to discuss in detail the job requirements and qualifications. The Staffing Specialist emails a copy of the approved Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form to the hiring manager.

Referrals should not be made nor recruitment begun until the approved Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form  is received by the Employment Division and the advertising process has begun. Any questions regarding the form should be directed to the appropriate Staffing Specialist in the Employment Division of Human Resources.


Creating a New Position

To create a new regular part-time or full-time position for the University the department/unit head should contact the Compensation Division of Human Resources and complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ).

Refilling a Vacancy

University positions require the completion of the Position Authorization/Compensation Request Form for refilling a regular part-time or full-time position. A new position description is not required unless the duties have changed sufficiently enough for a new classification. The form should receive all appropriate administrative approvals, as outlined below.

Positions in University Non-academic Units:
Hiring Supervisor
Department/Unit Head
Office of Human Resources

Positions in Academic Units:
Hiring Supervisor
Division/Department/Unit Head
Dean or Library Director
Senior Vice President/Dean, School of Medicine
Office of Human Resources


Hospital Positions

To fill a position the hiring department must complete a Hospital Position Requisition Form and forward it through the approval route. Forms and instructions for completing the form can be found on the HR website at

When the Position Requisition Form is received in Hospital HR the position will be posted on the Hospital's website and the form forwarded to the appropriate recruiter. The hiring manager will be notified by email that the position is posted. Candidates will be screened by the recruiter and qualified candidates referred to the hiring manager.

The Hospital Position Requisition Form is utilized for the following purposes:

1. Request and recruit for a new unbudgeted position.
2. Refill or reclassify a position.
3. Recruit for a budgeted position.
4. Change a title and/or salary of a budgeted position.
5. Delete a budgeted position.

Date Issued: 03/93