Internal Consulting by UAB Employees - HR Policy 129   



This policy list the requirements and methods of payment for internal consulting by UAB employees.

Effective Date: 4/1/2009


Review/Revised Date: 8/8/2022


Category: Human Resources


Policy Owner: CHRO

Policy Contact: Executive Director Human Resources - Employment



Consulting within UAB for special fees must be approved by all department/unit heads involved on a project-by-project basis. The following conditions must exist for internal consulting to be approved:

  1. The employee has specialized training or knowledge essential to the project.
  2. The performance of these duties is above and beyond the commitments of the employee's position.

Consulting should not interfere with the employee's regular responsibilities. In order for pay for consulting services to be approved, the consulting must be done at times other than the employee's regularly scheduled work hours, or, if this is not possible, the employee must schedule vacation, personal holiday time, or time off without pay.

If a non-exempt employee is engaged to perform services outside their regularly assigned department, all hours worked must be reported on the employee's time sheet. Hours worked in excess of forty (40) during the work week will be paid at the appropriate overtime rate.

Fees paid to employees for internal consulting/personal services are considered income for the purpose of tax withholding and are reported according to the stipulations of the Personal Services Approval and Payment Policy-UAB Employee. Consulting pay may be processed via Special Payments - HR Policy 130.

Date Issued: 10/80

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