Tuition Refund Appeals Policy   



Under very extenuating circumstances, an appeal for tuition refund will be accepted and reviewed. This policy sets forth valid circumstances under which an appeal may be submitted as well as the circumstances under which an appeal may not be submitted.

Effective Date: 8/26/2019


Review/Revised Date: 8/26/2019


Category: Academic Affairs


Policy Owner: Provost

Policy Contact: Vice Provost, Enrollment Management



Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the published dates/deadlines on the Academic Calendar regarding course withdrawal, and only under very extenuating circumstances will an appeal for tuition refund be accepted and reviewed.  Submitting a Tuition Refund Appeal Form does not guarantee tuition reimbursement, and if a refund is warranted, the amount returned will be predicated upon the percentage of the semester the student participated. 

All required supporting documentation must be provided with the Tuition Refund Appeal Form at the time of submission. Failure to provide appropriate documentation supporting the extenuating circumstances will result in an automatic denial.  The Tuition Refund Appeals Form must be submitted on or before the last day of the term in which the student is enrolled, and all decisions are final.  No resubmission is allowed. 



Students should only submit the Tuition Refund Appeal Form if they have experienced extenuating circumstances that prevented and/or delayed a timely withdrawal.



Circumstances not sufficient to support a Tuition Refund Appeal include, but are not limited to the following:

  •   Not being aware of add/drop/withdrawal deadlines or forgetting you were registered.
  •   Lack of familiarity with student information systems.
  •   Insufficient financial aid and/or financial hardship.
  •   Dropping courses to avoid low grades.
  •   Deciding that school/work/life responsibilities are too overwhelming.
  •   Arrest/Incarceration.
  •   Academic or Disciplinary Dismissal.
  •   Dissatisfaction with instructor or course content
  •   Determining that courses you took do not meet your academic and/or personal goals.

*Military service members called to deployment or active duty: Military call-ups are processed outside of the Tuition Refund Appeal Request.  Undergraduate students should see the One Stop for more information.  Graduate students should contact the Graduate School. 

*Students whose tuition refund appeals relate to Title IX: Please visit the Title IX office.  For more information, visit the Title IX Office webpage.  

*Students whose tuition refund appeals relate to ADA/504: Please visit the Office of Disability Support Services.  For more information visit Disability Support Services' webpage


It is up to the student to submit any and all documentation supporting their Tuition Refund Appeal.  Failure to include proper documentation with the appeal application will result in a denial of the appeal.  Tuition Refund Appeals cannot be resubmitted.  Decisions are final and cannot be reversed.  It is imperative that students take great caution in their submissions to ensure all necessary documentation is included.

The Tuition Refund Appeals Committee (TRAC) reviews all appeals within 4-6 weeks of being submitted.  For questions related to the process or a pending request, please contact

Decisions of the Tuition Refund Appeal Committee are final and not subject to further appeal.

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Effective Date: August 26, 2019