The University of Alabama, Division of Student Life

Student Life Spending Guidelines & Concur Requirements Policy

Unit:  Student Life
Contact: Ashley Burns
Title:  Associate Director of Business Services
Effective Date: 11/17/2021
Revision Date: 11/17/2021



The purpose of this policy is to provide departments within the Division of Student Life with a clear and concise Division of Student Life spending policy and Divisional requirements beyond University policies.


Unallowable Business Entertainment

According to the UA Spending Policy under 6.2 Unallowable Entertainment, Departmental social functions in celebration of an event or a holiday or to promote fellowship among constituents are not reimbursable. Examples include retirement, introduction to new staff, and holiday parties. No entertainment expenses will be charged to contracts or grants unless such entertainment is specifically authorized by the terms of the contract or grant. (Refer to Section 7.0 – Conferences and Meetings). Meals held prior or subsequent to a business function are not reimbursable.

The following Departmental social events are unallowable using any UA Funds (state, gift, or capstone), and expenses are not reimbursable:
  • Introduction or New Employee/Student or a Going Away Party for an Employee/Student
    • It is also unacceptable to have a meeting before/during/after to support this going away party.
    • Going away gifts are not allowable using UA Funds.
  • Holiday Celebration, Birthday Celebration, Door Decorations, Holiday Competition, etc…
  • Retirement Party
    • Exception: After written Approval from VP of Student Life you may be eligible to receive $200.00 to support the Retirement Party Expenses. To request approval, please reach out to Tynan Kozak ( regarding availability of funds.
  • Staff Business Meals must have a valid business purpose and have no other time outside of the mealtime for the meeting. Meeting involving only departmental staff should not include food/refreshments, unless the primary purpose of the meeting is training. Gift cards can also not be given to students and/or staff to facilitate a meal purchase.
    • Per UA policy for meetings, Meals and nonalcoholic refreshments may be provided if they are incidental to meeting or trainings. The primary purpose of the meeting or educational training session in which the meal or refreshments are provided or consumed shall be directly related to the University.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards cannot be utilized for gifts in appreciation/gratitude. 

Sales Tax

If the tax amount cannot be resolved between the staff making the purchase and the vendor, the staff member must personally reimburse the department budget for the sales tax paid.
The Vice President for Student Life has the discretion to make exceptions to the above policies.

Concur Reimbursements and P-Card Report Requirements 

  • Receipts:  Itemized receipts should be included for all transactions, regardless of the amount, and must be attached to the transaction in the report (excluding per-diem).
  • Per-Diem:  Staff in travel status should claim per-diem; however, meals that were provided by the conference should be deducted from the per diem amount. This can be done within the Itinerary section of the report.
  • Proof of Payment:  Proof of payment is required for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses (A cancelled check or a bank statement: all information other than the account name and specific transaction information can be redacted) 


This policy applies to all staff within the Division of Student Life.

Office of the Vice President of Student Life

Approved by Steven Hood, Associate Vice President for Student Life, 11/17/2021