The University of Alabama, Office for Academic Affairs

CCN - Undergraduate Course Review Policy

Unit:  Capstone College of Nursing
Contact: Dr. Michelle Cheshire
Title:  Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Effective Date: 8/16/2002
Revision Date: 02/22/2022



To review courses for consistency and effectiveness regarding the vision, mission, and core values in view of current and future societal needs.


All required and elective nursing courses in the program of studies must be evaluated on a rotating basis, at least once every five (5) years, to provide for systematic review.

The Undergraduate Education Committee is responsible for the review of all courses. Review of nursing courses shall be open to interested faculty.


  • Nursing courses within the program of studies have been developed and approved by the college’s Faculty Organization committee as interactive units of content that enable students to attain program objectives.
  • Content of each course in the curriculum has a direct relationship to previous courses and subsequent courses.
  • Any course change is made ultimately for the purpose of strengthening the curriculum.
  • The regularly scheduled review process for courses adheres to the time frame for implementing course evaluation specified in the procedures document.
  • Integrity within and among courses is maintained through implementation of curricular change procedures
  • All course changes are made after careful analysis of evaluative data. Regularly scheduled review of courses and approval of all course changes are the responsibility of the Undergraduate Education Committee.


This policy applies to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Undergraduate Education Committee Members.


Office of the Provost

Approved by Dr. Lesley Reid, Associate Provost, 02/22/2022