The University of Alabama, Division of Student Life

Off-Campus Resources Property Policy

Unit:  Student Life
Contact: Amanda Collins-Sims
Title:  Manager, Off-Campus Resources
Effective Date: 02/01/2022
Revision Date: 03/07/2023



This policy is intended to educate and inform off-campus Properties (hereinafter, the Property/ies) in a manner that will create a holistic environment for student engagement, provide current and accurate resources to potential residents to enhance the transition to off-campus living while preserving the mission of The University of Alabama (UA), Student Life, and The Office of the Dean of Students. This policy directs Properties to The University of Alabama’s Facilities & Grounds Use Policy, solicitations and imagery policy/guidelines, Housing and Residential Communities’ requirements on distribution, and other applicable policies and guidelines.
The University of Alabama does not endorse any off-campus property/ies but is open to providing off-campus resources property information to students based on the guidelines listed in this policy.


University Policies

Applicable University policies must be adhered to at all times. It is the Property’s responsibility to review applicable UA policies for updates as needed and ensure compliance with those policies by all individuals associated with the Property.

Approved Marketing Avenues

The following resources may be available to Properties for appropriate marketing on campus and to UA students:
  • The Off-Campus Resources website
  • Paid advertising through Crimson Tide Sports Marketing (CTSM)
  • Paid social media marketing
    • Paid advertisements may not include any campus imagery or UA marks unless a Property has written permission from UA, which may be requested through Strategic Communications, or is allowable under contract with CTSM
  • Paid advertising through UA Student Media publications and websites
  • Housing fairs and other events through Off-Campus Resources (OCR)
  • Promotional items can be worn, but not distributed, on campus except at approved events or through other approved avenues (this does not include signs on backpacks, billboard backboards, etc.)

Off-Campus Resources Website

OCR promotes use of the Off-Campus Housing website by UA students and off-campus Properties. Pricing, availability, and Property contacts must remain current on the UA off-campus housing website to ensure viewers receive accurate information. Failure to maintain current information may result in penalties.

In an effort to allow UA students to make better informed decisions about their future housing experiences, the ability to list on the OCR website, attend OCR events, or otherwise be eligible for potential on-campus solicitations will be limited to Properties that:
  • are at least two months past full completion of all construction at their Property;
  • have obtained a final Certificate of Occupancy;
  • are housing occupants within their facility pursuant to active lease terms;
  • are free of frequent and/or repetitive complaints from student and/or their family members within a relatively short period of time,
  • are in current good standing with OCR and have not violated any terms of agreements or policies with UA or OCR; and
  • are maintaining rental premises in compliance with Alabama law.
UA retains sole discretion to determine if a property satisfies these requirements.

Participation in the UA OCR's website program is not an endorsement of any Property by The University of Alabama, and a Property shall neither construe nor use—either directly or implicitly—its participation in the UA OCR’s website program as an endorsement by The University of Alabama. UA reserves the right to remove a Property from the website at will and in its sole discretion.

On-Campus Events (including Housing Fairs)

UA, in its sole discretion, may invite Properties when applicable, to on-campus events hosted by Off-Campus Resources, for the purposes of education and rental research for students. Events are subject to change on short notice. Housing fairs are typically held at The University of Alabama Student Center. All Properties in attendance must abide by applicable UA or OCR policies. OCR cannot validate, provide parking, or be held responsible for any tickets or fines incurred on campus.

Invitation to previous OCR events does not guarantee or imply continued or future invitation. Further, UA, in its sole discretion, may rescind an invitation to an event at any time. A Property shall neither construe nor use—either directly or implicitly—its participation in UA’s OCR events as an endorsement by The University of Alabama.

Properties listed on the OCR website may be invited to attend OCR’s on-campus events. Invited Properties not listed on the website will pay a fee per event to attend. Payments must be made using the UA Student Life Business Services processes. Please email SLBUSSVCS@UA.EDU for event payment questions. Refunds may be given if the Property provides a written notice within 48 hours of an event.

As an invited guest of OCR, Property staff may not: 
  • persuade student(s)/parent(s) to complete an application and/or sign a lease,
  • recruit a competitor’s staff,
  • pass on misleading information or inaccurate information about competitors,
  • leave the confines of the event or their table to solicit,
  • imply any endorsement from the University,
  • distribute any items that could be reasonably construed to promote the use of alcohol or other controlled substances (e.g., flasks, shot glasses, etc.), or
  • advertise/solicit any Property under construction.

Solicitation Limitations

Properties may not:
  • send employees, including student employees, to trespass on private property;
  • encourage a student or incoming student to sign a lease if they are required to live on campus;
  • direct employees to break the law or violate UA and/or OCR policies/guidelines; or
  • solicit for Properties that have known defects affecting habitability.
The following are provided as examples of violations of UA and/or OCR policies/guidelines. This list is not exhaustive, and it is the Property’s responsibility to review UA policies for updates as needed and ensure compliance with those policies by all individuals associated with the Property.
  • posting any campus imagery or UA marks to social media or in print advertising materials with intent to advertise/solicit without written permission from UA, which may be requested through Strategic Communications, or an approved contract through CTSM;
  • emailing any UA department, UA staff, or UA student organization with intent to advertise/solicit;
  • transporting non-residents to/from/on UA campus, without an agreement with UA Transportation Services;
  • distributing any type of print materials, including, but not limited to, coupons, flyers, stickers, merchandise, etc., on UA Grounds in violation of the Facility and Grounds Use Policy;
  • bringing outside food/drink into any UA building (without written permission from UA);
  • chalking on any UA Grounds in violation of the Facility and Grounds Use Policy;
  • setting up any type of promotional table/tent on UA property in violation of the Facility and Grounds Use Policy; or
  • coercing students to visit your table at any UA/OCR event, as described above.


Any scholarships awarded to UA students, departments, or colleges must be approved and managed by UA’s Office of Undergraduate Scholarships.

Licensing, Trademarks, Copyright, and Image

All Properties are required to comply with University licensing and image policies, all applicable trademark and copyright laws, as well as any UA Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Policy. Improper use of any University marks, landmarks, or images may require action from UA. Information regarding licensing, trademarks, copyrights, and images is provided by the Licensing-Trademark Office.

Properties must not impersonate UA with the intent to confuse the public or students, which includes, among other things, using a website domain name that implies affiliation with The University of Alabama. Properties cannot send marketing materials that claim to be from UA, or that could be implied to come from UA. Properties must not claim an endorsement from UA without a current written contract or written approval from UA. Properties should make clear in a prominent manner in all advertising materials that they are not affiliated with UA or UA’s OCR.

Crimson Choice

Properties shall not refer or imply they are enrolled in the former Crimson Choice program. Properties shall not display the Crimson Choice logo on their property, websites, social media, emails, etc.


Violations of this policy will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and UA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit any and all solicitations through OCR described herein for any Property. Actions in UA's sole discretion may include, but are not limited to:
  • written notice and warning;
  • withdrawal of invitation to housing fairs, or any OCR event;
  • suspension from OCR events for one or more semesters;
  • removal from the Off-Campus Resources website without any contract refund; and/or
  • any available legal action.


This policy may be amended without notice as the University deems appropriate in its sole discretion. It is the Property’s responsibility to review UA policies for updates as needed and ensure compliance with those policies by all individuals associated with the Property. Nothing in this policy should be deemed as UA endorsing any Property. All agreements for off-campus housing between students and Properties are strictly between those parties and do not involve UA.


  • Property/ies includes corporate staff, local staff, student staff, and/or third-party vendors, like marketing firms or street teams, of any off campus property offering housing to UA students.
  • UA Grounds consists of all property owned, leased, or operated by UA, which includes, but is not limited, the following:
    • University buildings and sidewalks
    • Fraternity and sorority houses
    • Businesses on The Strip and within University Town Center, as outlined by the UA property link below
    • Residence halls
    • Academic buildings
    • University Recreation fields
    • Manderson Landing
For more clarity, consult the UA Property Map.


This policy applies to off-campus Properties and their corporate, local, or student staff, and/or third-party vendors, including but not limited to, management companies, marketing firms, or street teams.

Office of the Vice President of Student Life

Approved by Adam Sterritt, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, 03/07/2023