The University of Alabama, Division of Finance and Operations

Employee Service Award Dates Policy

Unit:  Human Resources
Contact: Susan Norton
Title:  Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
Effective Date: 04/01/2002
Revision Date: 11/12/2018



The purpose of this policy is to provide information and guidance regarding employee service award dates.


Service award date is defined as the initial date of employment with The University of Alabama unless there has been a break in service. If there has been a break in service, the service award date is the date of hire for the most recent period of continuous service.

Note: Service award dates for the University are not to be confused with any other date determining benefit eligibility including the retirement service date calculated and maintained by the Teachers’ Retirement System.


This policy applies to all faculty and staff.


Office of the Vice President of Finance and Operations

Approved by Cheryl Mowdy, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Operations, 11/12/2018