The University of Alabama, Division of Finance and Operations

Fuel Purchase Policy

Unit:  Fleet Services
Contact: Mario Globetti
Title:  Associate Director of Fleet Services
Effective Date: 7/13/2020
Revision Date: 07/13/2020




The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines pertaining to the purchase of fuel for UA owned vehicles


On-Campus Fuel Purchases

Fleet Services purchases bulk unleaded fuel/diesel and operates two fueling locations for University use. Fuel sold at the UA locations is lower in price than outside vendors, and therefore the most fiscally responsible choice for fueling UA vehicles.

When in the vicinity of campus (5-mile radius), all UA owned vehicles must purchase unleaded fuel and diesel from one of the University operated fuel locations listed on the Fleet Services website. Exclusions apply for non-ethanol and high-octane fuel needs.

Off-Campus Fuel Purchases

Fleet Services administers a fuel card program for off-campus fuel purchases of behalf of the University. These cards are accepted at most major fuel stations and allow departments to purchase fuel off-campus. A full list of accepting locations is available from the Fleet Services website.

In cases where fuel must be purchased off-campus, Fleet Services offers a streamlined fuel purchase (tax-exempt) & payment solution. In addition to fuel, University fuel cards can be used for emergency maintenance and repair at approved locations. Fuel and/or repair purchases made on University fuel cards are for University-owned vehicles performing University-related business only. University fuel cards will be issued upon request for reasons to include:

  1. Departmental vehicles needing to purchase fuel while out of town for official UA business.
  2. Department is located a considerable distance off-campus, or their operations routinely take place away from campus.
  3. Departmental vehicles/equipment requiring certain fuel specifications for operation (i.e., high octane, ethanol-free, etc.).
  4. Departmental request to hold a card to be used in emergency situations.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, or volunteers who use Fleet vehicles.


Office of the Vice President of Finance and Operations

Approved by Cheryl Mowdy, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Operations, 07/13/2020