The University of Alabama, Office for Academic Affairs

Official Transcript Policy for Faculty Hires

Unit:  Academic Affairs
Contact: Dr. Lesley Reid
Title:  Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Effective Date: 8/1/2014
Revision Date: 08/01/2014



This policy establishes transcript requirements for faculty hires in order to comply with SACSCOC.


UA requires an official transcript for every faculty member. For individuals hired through the faculty hiring system, a scanned copy of this official transcript must be attached to the Documents Tab in the section labeled “Transcript”. In order to ensure that the transcripts will be available in time to process PA forms, it is recommended that official transcripts be requested at the interview stage for all applicants interviewed and selected for hire.


Each applicant interviewed and selected for hire should request an official transcript. Official transcripts should be mailed directly to the appropriate Dean’s Office or Departmental Office.

Exception – UA Graduates

For Individuals who have earned the applicable terminal degree from UA, we can accept an unofficial transcript. The appropriate Dean’s Office or departmental office faculty or staff member should pull the information from the UA student information system. The steps to pull this information are as follows:

  • First, the faculty/staff member in the Dean’s Office or Department must be designated as an advisor in Banner. If the faculty/staff member is not certain, call 348-2857.
  • If designated as an advisor, go to myBama and log-in.
  • Select the Faculty tab, Banner Self-Service, and click on Faculty & Advisors.
  • On the Student Information Menu scroll down and click on Academic Transcript. The system will then prompt you for a term and then the student’s CWID or name.
  • If the student cannot be found in Banner, call 348-2857 so that the information may be researched.
  • Official transcripts should be opened and reviewed by a Dean’s office or Department official.
  • Upon acceptance of the offer of employment, a copy of that individual’s official transcript should be scanned and attached to the hiring requisition on the documents tab.
  • The Dean’s Office should maintain the official transcript in the appropriate personnel files.
  • Process the Personnel Action (PA) form once all hiring steps have been completed.

If an official transcript has been requested but is not available by the hire date (due to unforeseen circumstances – not applicable to UA graduates)

  1. Process the PA form.
  2. The hiring requisition will remain outstanding until the department completes the process.
  3. OAA will require monthly reviews of outstanding requisitions regarding this issue. Once the transcript has been attached, contact OAA so that the requisition process can be completed.


This policy applies to applicants for faculty positions as well as faculty and staff involved in the hiring process.


Office of the Provost

Approved by Joel Brouwer, Associate Provost, 08/01/2014