The University of Alabama, Division of Student Life

Policy on Policies for the Division of Student Life

Unit:  Student Life
Contact: Steven Hood
Title:  Associate Vice President for Student Life
Effective Date: 11/27/2019
Revision Date: 11/27/2019



In accordance with the University’s Policy Development and Management Policy, the President of the University delegates authority to the appropriate and responsible vice presidents of the administrative divisions within the University of Alabama to initiate, develop, and revise policies applicable to their respective divisions. The purpose of this policy is to provide a standard method for the areas and departments in the Division of Student Life to create, revise, and submit policy.


Areas and departments should use their existing mechanism (committee, designated policy writer, etc.) for the formation, revision or draft of a policy using the approved policy template.  It is the responsibility of each area and department to submit both new policy and proposed revisions to existing policy to the Student Life Policy Manager.  The policy will be reviewed for formatting consistency and potential conflicts with other policies before being routed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Life for final review and approval.

Once approved, an official copy of the policy/revision will be linked on the UA Policies webpage.  In order to ensure consistency, all Student Life departmental websites referencing the policy must use the link listed on the UA Policies webpage.

If it is determined during the review process that the policy meets the definition of University Policy, as defined in the University’s Policy Development and Management Policy, it will also be submitted through the UA Policy Development and Management system for additional review by the Policy Advisory Review Committee and ultimately to the President and Vice Presidents for approval. 

Policies, handbooks, manuals, and guides that meet the requirements established by Board Rule 108 will be forwarded for system-level review.

It is the responsibility of each Department/Area initiating policy to conduct a review of its policies at least annually to ensure that they remain current and accurate.   For assistance with policy maintenance and development, contact the Student Affairs Policy Manager.


  • Student Life Policy - A written decision or statement of Student Life philosophy which forms the individual and collective policies generated by the Division of Student Life, which bind the areas and/or departments to which they are applicable, and which provide guidance and direction in the conduct of University affairs.
  • Procedure - Statements that prescribe specific actions to be taken to conform to the established policies and to allow for the orderly implementation of those policies.
  • University Policy - A policy or practice with broad applicability beyond the internal operating procedures of a single office, department or division.


This Policy applies to all policies created by areas and departments within the Division of Student Life at The University of Alabama.


Office of the Vice President of Student Life

Approved by Steven Hood, Associate Vice President for Student Life, 11/27/2019