The University of Alabama, Division of Finance and Operations

Professional Appearance Policy

Unit:  Human Resources
Contact: Susan Norton
Title:  Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
Effective Date: 4/30/2002
Revision Date: 04/22/2022



The purpose of this Policy is to communicate general expectations of professional personal appearance and hygiene in the workplace.


Employees are expected to exhibit a professional appearance in the workplace. Each department shall have the authority to define appropriate professional dress standards for its employees. Some positions may require employees to wear uniforms, personal protective equipment (PPE), or other special clothing. Employees should follow departmental guidelines in regard to professional dress standards. 

Employees are also expected to maintain high standards of personal hygiene. Employees should be aware of personal odors, to include without limitation, body odors and fragrances, such as perfumes, colognes, lotions, hair products, and other odors that may affect others in the workplace.

The University recognizes that different applications of this Policy may be necessary depending on the degree of customer contact, the nature of the work, and any safety issues. This Policy therefore provides only general guidance to employees. The final decision as to what constitutes appropriate professional appearance and hygiene is the responsibility of management.

If an employee is instructed by management to leave the workplace to address issues to meet these standards, appropriate leave time will be used to offset the employee's absence. If appropriate leave time is not available, the employee will not be paid for time not worked.


This Policy applies to all faculty and staff.

Office of the Vice President of Finance and Operations

Approved by Cheryl Mowdy, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Operations, 04/22/2022