The University of Alabama, Office for Academic Affairs

School of Law Credit Hours for Coursework Policy

Unit:  School of Law
Contact: Alan Durham
Title:  Vice Dean
Effective Date: 7/21/2021
Revision Date: 07/21/2021



This policy is established to comply with American Bar Association (ABA) Standard 310.


For courses offered in a traditional classroom setting, each “credit hour” requires an expectation that students will spend not less than 750 minutes (equivalent to 50 minutes per week for 15 weeks) in classroom or direct faculty instruction, and not less than 1,800 minutes (equivalent to 120 minutes per week for 15 weeks) in work outside of the classroom. Time spent taking an examination may count toward the “classroom” requirement. Work outside of the classroom may include such things as reading assigned materials, studying, outlining, researching, writing, and preparing for examinations.

For courses or activities that are not offered in a traditional classroom setting, including field placements, simulations, and clinics, each “credit hour” must reflect an equivalent amount of work (totaling 2,550 minutes).

Proposals to approve new courses must justify the number of credits to be awarded, taking into consideration the hours that students would be expected to spend in class and outside of class.  For existing courses, compliance with this policy will be monitored by the Office of Academic Affairs. 


This policy applies to the School of Law.


Office of the Provost

Approved by Joel Brouwer, Associate Provost, 07/21/2021