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Policies Index

Although the policies contained herein are intended to reflect current rules and policies of the University, users are cautioned that changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board or Chancellor, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
Academic Personnel Category Policy - Postdoctoral PositionsEmployment Policies06/16/2022
Academic Personnel Category Policy: Research PositionsEmployment Policies06/16/2022
Access to Building Information PolicySpace Management and Permissions10/13/2020
Animal Control and Assistance Animal PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/23/2022
Anti-Retaliation PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety11/03/2023
Approved Alcohol Venue PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety07/24/2019
Asbestos PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety09/13/2022
Attendance PolicyEmployment Policies08/11/2023
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety07/27/2022
Automotive Tool Reimbursement PolicyUnit Specific Operational Policies07/05/2023
Bloodborne Pathogen PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety01/17/2023
Board of Trustee-Designated Research Institutes and Centers PolicyResearch Compliance12/09/2020
Bonfire PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety09/21/2022
Brewer-Porch Children's Center Mandatory Scheduling Policy - 919 Employment Policies for Specific Units06/16/2020
CCHS - Sensitive Physical Examination PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety04/20/2022
Campus Merchandising PolicyFinancial Policies06/16/2022
Campus Tree Care Policy Space Management and Permissions11/08/2018
Capitalization PolicyFinancial Policies12/09/2020
Capstone Village Community CreedCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/23/2023
Capstone Village Parking & Auto Registration PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/23/2023
Capstone Village Pet and Animal Control PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/23/2023
Capstone Village Reasonable Accommodations Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/23/2023
Capstone Village Safety and Security Compliance PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/23/2023
Career Center Interview No-Show Policy Campus Services08/01/2021
Change Order Policy for Construction ProjectsFinancial Policies11/15/2022
Chemical Hygiene PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety05/26/2023
Child Abuse Reporting Policy and ProceduresCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/21/2020
Clery Act and Fire Safety Compliance PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/20/2021
Code of Student ConductStudent Life09/12/2023
Compensable Time Policy Employment Policies07/27/2023
Compensation During Suspension of Normal Operations Policy Employment Policies10/14/2022
Compensation for Additional Degrees, Certifications, and Licensures PolicyEmployment Policies12/01/2022
Compliance Policy for Public Works Financial Policies11/15/2022
Conflict of Interest Financial Disclosure in Research and Other Sponsored Programs Policy Research Compliance12/05/2022
Consensual Romantic Relationships Policy Employment Policies10/30/2023
Construction Site Tree Protection PolicySpace Management and Permissions01/11/2023
Continuous Improvement PolicyUnit Specific Academic Policies02/09/2023
Contract Management Policy Financial Policies03/02/2023
Copyright PolicyInnovation and Commercialization03/08/2022
Cost Allocation for Construction Projects Policy Financial Policies01/19/2023
Cost Sharing Policies and Procedures Sponsored Programs and Research Administration05/12/2017
Cost Transfer Policy Sponsored Programs and Research Administration09/13/2022
Course Credit Hour PolicyAccreditation07/05/2022
Credit Card PolicyFinancial Policies10/20/2021
Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety12/21/2022
Data Ownership and Retention PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration12/01/2003
Deferred Maintenance PolicySpace Management and Permissions12/01/2010
Disclosure of External Activity by Faculty and Other Research Grant and Contract Eligible Employees PolicyResearch Compliance09/30/2020
Distinguishing Sponsored Projects from Charitable Gifts PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration02/02/2022
Distribution of Royalties, Fees, and Other Financial Returns from University Intellectual PropertyInnovation and Commercialization08/22/2022
Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy Employment Policies11/17/2023
Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy Employment Policies12/14/2022
Educational Benefit PolicyEmployment Policies06/09/2023
Effort Reporting Policies and ProceduresSponsored Programs and Research Administration12/01/2003
Electronic Signature PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety12/05/2022
Emeritus Status PolicyFaculty Employment02/24/2022
Employee Counseling and Progressive Discipline Policy Employment Policies11/12/2018
Employee HandbookEmployment Policies05/19/2023
Employee Reasonable Accommodations Policy Employment Policies07/27/2023
Employee Service Award Dates Policy Employment Policies11/12/2019
Energy PolicySpace Management and Permissions03/01/2019
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/30/2023
Establishing and Expending Construction Project Budgets PolicyFinancial Policies07/01/2013
Export Controls Policy Export Controls05/02/2023
Extra Compensation Policy Employment Policies02/22/2016
Facilities and Grounds Compensatory Time Policy Employment Policies for Specific Units01/11/2023
Facility Fire Safety PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety09/21/2023
Facility and Grounds Use Insurance PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety09/28/2023
Facility and Grounds Use PolicySpace Management and Permissions08/25/2023
Faculty HandbookFaculty Employment10/18/2023
Faculty and Staff Participation in Companies Commercializing University Technology PolicyInnovation and Commercialization06/20/2008
Family Medical Leave Policy Employment Policies12/21/2022
Financial Management of Service CentersSponsored Programs and Research Administration07/01/2013
Fire Alarm Systems Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety12/05/2022
Fire Drill & Evacuation Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety11/03/2023
Fire Extinguisher PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/27/2023
Fire Watch PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/30/2023
Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety09/13/2022
Fiscal Responsibility PolicyFinancial Policies11/16/2021
Flexible Work Arrangements PolicyEmployment Policies11/29/2022
Food Allergy Policy Campus Services02/02/2021
Food Safety PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/07/2023
Fuel Purchase Policy Financial Policies07/13/2020
Gift Acceptance PolicyFinancial Policies01/11/2023
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Information Security ProgramPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies12/02/2022
Gratuities PolicyFinancial Policies02/07/2020
HIPAA Core Privacy PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/13/2023
HIPAA Core Security PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies04/20/2022
HIPAA Hybrid Entity PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies01/10/2023
HRC Community Living StandardsStudent Life09/06/2023
Harassment PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/30/2023
Hazing PolicyStudent Life09/17/2020
Health Requirement for Registration PolicyStudent Life06/29/2023
Hot Work PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/30/2023
Identity Theft Prevention (Red Flags Rules) PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies10/20/2022
Indebtedness and Collection Policy Employment Policies04/22/2022
Independent Contractor PolicyEmployment Policies06/13/2019
Information Classification PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies03/11/2022
Institutional Base Salary for Sponsored Projects PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration08/13/2018
Institutional Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety08/18/2023
Intellectual Property PolicyInnovation and Commercialization10/13/2023
Interior Finishes PolicySpace Management and Permissions10/22/2020
Internal MOU PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration04/07/2022
Laboratory Decommissioning PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety06/23/2023
Lawful Permanent Residency Petitions PolicyFaculty and Staff Employment Policies10/20/2022
Maintenance and Decommissioning Policy for Laboratory Ventilation EquipmentCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/27/2023
Medical Coverage Options upon Termination from Employment Policy Employment Policies10/20/2023
Medical Emergency Assistance PolicyStudent Life07/12/2022
Military Leave Policy Employment Policies12/08/2022
Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety01/17/2023
Multipurpose Storm Shelter PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety11/03/2023
Nepotism Policy Employment Policies11/29/2018
OTIDE Cancellation PolicyUnit Specific Operational Policies05/15/2023
Off-Campus Resources Property PolicyCampus Services03/07/2023
Official Transcript Policy for Faculty HiresAccreditation11/18/2022
On-the-Job Injury and Illness Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety07/27/2023
Open Lights and Flames PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety06/29/2023
Paid Parental Leave PolicyEmployment Policies12/14/2021
Pay Transparency PolicyEmployment Policies04/19/2020
Payments to StudentsStudent Accounts03/25/2019
Personal Protective Equipment PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/27/2023
Personnel File Privacy Policy Faculty and Staff Employment Policies11/09/2023
Policy Development and Management PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety09/29/2022
Policy for Post Issuance Tax-Exempt Bond ComplianceFinancial Policies09/11/2020
Pre-Employment Background Investigation PolicyEmployment Policies07/27/2022
Pre-Employment Drug Screening Policy Employment Policies11/12/2018
Pregnant Employee PolicyEmployment Policies06/27/2023
Privacy PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies01/12/2023
Professional Appearance Policy Employment Policies04/22/2022
Property and Inventory Management Policy Financial Policies11/17/2020
Proposal Routing, Review and Approval Policy for Externally Sponsored Grants & Contracts Sponsored Programs and Research Administration06/01/2021
Public Safety and Emergency Management Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety01/17/2023
Purchasing Card Policy Financial Policies07/24/2019
Purchasing Policy Financial Policies11/15/2022
Re-Employment of Retirees Policy Employment Policies09/13/2022
Record/Data Retention and Destruction PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies12/21/2022
Regular and Substantive Interaction PolicyUnit Specific Academic Policies01/11/2023
Residential On-Campus Meal Plan PolicyCampus Services08/10/2021
Revenue Generating Policy Financial Policies03/16/2021
Safety Training PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety11/03/2023
Security Resources Attendance PolicyEmployment Policies for Specific Units02/21/2023
Signature Authority Policies and Procedures for Grants and ContractsSponsored Programs and Research Administration06/29/2016
Small Business and SBIR/STTR Research Engagement PolicyResearch and Economic Development Policies02/22/2023
Smoke-Free Campus Environment Policy Employment Policies06/15/2022
Social Media PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies09/28/2023
Solicitation Policy Employment Policies06/09/2023
Space Occupancy and Allocation PolicySpace Management and Permissions10/30/2023
Spending and Travel Policy Financial Policies07/24/2019
Staff Dispute Resolution Policy Employment Policies03/02/2023
Staff Supplemental Compensation Policy Employment Policies06/29/2023
Stormwater Management PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety05/26/2023
Student Alcohol and Other Drug PolicyStudent Life08/16/2014
Student Employment Policy Employment Policies10/18/2023
Student Life Spending Guidelines & Concur Requirements PolicyFinancial Policies11/17/2021
Student Location and Disclosure PolicyAccreditation07/01/2020
Student Mailbox Service PolicyCampus Services07/05/2023
Student Organization Building Funds Policy Financial Policies01/10/2023
Student Organization Campus Event PolicyStudent Life08/21/2023
Student Organization Construction Project PolicySpace Management and Permissions04/25/2016
Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Compensation PolicyStudent Life02/03/2022
Sub-Recipient Monitoring PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration05/27/2022
Substantive Change PolicyAccreditation11/17/2021
Syllabus PolicyAcademic Policies08/01/2022
Teaching Credentials Policy for UA Instructors of Record Accreditation10/18/2023
Temporary Structures PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/06/2022
Terms of Use of Electronic AccountsPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies05/02/2022
The University of Alabama Student Center Reservation PolicySpace Management and Permissions10/26/2021
Tide Research Partnership (TRP) Program PolicyInnovation and Commercialization10/15/2019
Title IX and Sexual Misconduct PolicyCompliance, Risk, and Physical Safety03/08/2022
Transit External Employment PolicyEmployment Policies for Specific Units09/20/2019
Uniform and Professional Wear Policy Financial Policies07/05/2022
University of Alabama Police Department Compensatory Time Policy Employment Policies for Specific Units07/08/2019
University of Alabama Police Department Take Home Car PolicyEmployment Policies for Specific Units06/16/2022
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety11/15/2022
Use of Academic Space Policy Space Management and Permissions04/07/2022
Utility Cart and Golf Cart Policy Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety10/20/2022
Utility Reimbursement PolicyFinancial Policies01/19/2023
Vehicle Disposal Policy Financial Policies07/13/2020
Vehicle PolicyFinancial Policies10/25/2021
Web PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies03/02/2022
Web Resources Accessibility PolicyPrivacy, Security, and Communication Policies01/24/2023
Wireless Communications Stipend PolicyFinancial Policies03/01/2019
Youth Protection Policy for External Entities/Third-party Programs Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety02/21/2023
Youth Protection Policy for UA Sponsored Programs Compliance, Risk, and Physical Safety07/27/2023