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Research and Economic Development Policies

Although the policies contained herein are intended to reflect current rules and policies of the University, users are cautioned that changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board or Chancellor, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
Board of Trustee-Designated Research Institutes and Centers PolicyResearch Compliance12/09/2020
Conflict of Interest Financial Disclosure in Research and Other Sponsored Programs Policy Research Compliance12/05/2022
Copyright PolicyInnovation and Commercialization03/08/2022
Cost Sharing Policies and Procedures Sponsored Programs and Research Administration05/12/2017
Cost Transfer Policy Sponsored Programs and Research Administration09/13/2022
Data Ownership and Retention PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration12/01/2003
Disclosure of External Activity by Faculty and Other Research Grant and Contract Eligible Employees PolicyResearch Compliance09/30/2020
Distinguishing Sponsored Projects from Charitable Gifts PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration02/02/2022
Distribution of Royalties, Fees, and Other Financial Returns from University Intellectual PropertyInnovation and Commercialization08/22/2022
Effort Reporting Policies and ProceduresSponsored Programs and Research Administration12/01/2003
Export Controls Policy Export Controls05/02/2023
Faculty and Staff Participation in Companies Commercializing University Technology PolicyInnovation and Commercialization06/20/2008
Financial Management of Service CentersSponsored Programs and Research Administration07/01/2013
Institutional Base Salary for Sponsored Projects PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration08/13/2018
Intellectual Property PolicyInnovation and Commercialization03/08/2022
Internal MOU PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration04/07/2022
Proposal Routing, Review and Approval Policy for Externally Sponsored Grants & Contracts Sponsored Programs and Research Administration06/01/2021
Signature Authority Policies and Procedures for Grants and ContractsSponsored Programs and Research Administration06/29/2016
Small Business and SBIR/STTR Research Engagement PolicyResearch and Economic Development Policies02/22/2023
Sub-Recipient Monitoring PolicySponsored Programs and Research Administration05/27/2022
Tide Research Partnership (TRP) Program PolicyInnovation and Commercialization10/15/2019