Handbook of Operating Procedures 2-2120
Selection and Evaluation of Academic Center Directors


Effective June 27, 1989

Executive Sponsor: Executive Vice President and Provost 
Policy Owner: Associate Vice President - Provost Office



Recommendations on director appointments shall be submitted by the deans to the President, who is responsible for the appointment of center directors. Except in unusual circumstances, only those faculty members having rank of professor shall be eligible to serve as a center director.


In the selection of a center director, the dean shall consult with representatives of the faculty of the school or college in which the center is located. Possible means of consultation include faculty consultative    committees composed of elected and/or appointed members, written comments from faculty members of the school or college, or oral consultation with faculty members associated with the center. The dean shall make appropriate provisions to ascertain the views of teaching assistants and students associated with the center. When circumstances warrant, the dean may include in the consultative process members of the faculty from related schools or colleges.


At an appropriate time and not later than the end of any four-year period of service of a center director, the dean shall review the administration of the center, including consultation with its members, and submit to  the President an evaluation report and recommendation as to whether the incumbent director should be reappointed to that position.


*The term "academic center" as distinguished from "research center" includes any University institute, program or center which offers instructional programs as a significant element in its overall mission.


Previously HOP 2.7

Reviewed: December 15, 2022
Next scheduled review date: December 2025