Handbook of Operating Procedures 2-2410

Phased Retirement For Tenured Faculty

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Executive Vice President and Provost
Policy Owner: Associate Vice President Provost Office

January 1, 1993



The University of Texas at Austin offers faculty who have retired the option of "phasing" into complete retirement by various combinations of partial appointments. Phased Retirement shall be allowed only after a determination that part-time continued appointment not only benefits the individual faculty member retiree but also will result in a significant benefit to The University. Appointment to Phased Retirement shall be for a specific period of time not to exceed three academic years. Such appointments shall terminate at the expiration of the Phased Retirement period and existing policies of The University related to modified service and/or emeritus faculty status apply.


  1. Definitions


  1. Retiree - A retiree is any tenured faculty member who voluntarily terminates employment with The University and who meets the service requirements for retirement under the Teacher Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program.


  1. Phased Retirement - Phased retirement refers to reduced appointments in teaching service, and/or scholarship to assist an individual in preparing for full retirement. A post-retirement contract is entered into for up to three years. The tenured faculty member officially retires, then maintains a part-time (50% or 25%) term appointment without tenure until the expiration of the contract.


  1. Planned Phased Retirement - An agreed plan for phasing the faculty appointment from 100% to full retirement. The plan will include the semesters involved, the percentage of appointment, workload and academic duties, and compensation.


  1. Policies and Procedures


  1. Eligible individuals desiring Phased Retirement must develop a Planned Phased Retirement through discussions with the department chairman at least one semester prior to the desired start date.


  1. A proposed written contract for Phased Retirement using the form included as Attachment A will:


  1. be prepared by the department chairman for review by the Budget Council and subsequent recommendation by the department chairman to the dean: and


  1. If the opinion of the dean the Phased Retirement contract will result in significant benefit to The University, he or she shall forward the proposed contract to the Executive Vice President and Provost with a request for review and approval.


  1. If the contract is approved by the Executive Vice President and Provost, it will be finalized and submitted to the faculty member for review and approval in accordance with the waiver procedures included as Attachment B.


  1. Upon final approval, the contract will remain in effect until complete retirement at the end of the Phased Retirement period, unless the faculty member shall elect complete retirement prior to that time.


  1. Faculty compensation and benefits during Phased Retirement:


  1. salary during the Phased Retirement period will be based on the academic rate at the beginning of the period and determined by the percent time of appointment. Increases in salary, if any, will be based on merit in accordance with regular salary policies for academic appointments;


  1. receipt of retirement annuity payments in accordance with the Teacher Retirement System election or Optional Retirement Program:


  1. group insurance and other employee benefits will be available to the extent provided by State law and current University policy:


  1. all usual rights and responsibilities of faculty appointments shall continue through the term of the contract except that the faculty member shall not serve as a member of a department budget council, or be elected to serve on the University Council or any committee of the faculty to which members are elected by the faculty. Voting status in the General Faculty and the colleges/schools shall be retained but voting status in the department shall not be retained;


  1. removal from The University's payroll for at least one month following the effective date of retirement and before commencing service under the post-retirement contract if the faculty member is retiring under the Teacher Retirement System; and,


  1. subject to the annual instructional needs of the department and with the approval of the department chairman and the dean, a faculty member being appointed one-half time may complete a one-half time appointment by teaching full time in one semester and zero time in the other semester. A faculty member under the Teacher Retirement System who is approved to teach under this alternative must complete a Teacher Retirement System form entitled Application for Employment after Retirement Exception prior to the beginning of the academic year to which it shall apply. The form, which is completed by the faculty member in consultation with the Payroll Division, must be filed separately for each academic year that this appointment alternative is followed.



 Attachment A - Phased Retirement Agreement


 Attachment B Procedures for Waiver Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.pdf


Previously HOP 3.06