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Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-4020

University Time Reports

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Policy Owner: Assoc. Vice President for Human Resources
January 2, 1995


University policy requires that "Official Time Reports" form (PO-6) be prepared and maintained on all classified employees, Code 1000 titles, Professional Librarians, Academic Assistants, and Tutors. The report must be completed on a weekly basis and signed by the employee's supervisor.


Administrative Officers, unit heads, and principal investigators shall submit monthly reports of absences of all employees, including Code 1000 titles and Professional Librarians. Monthly reports will show vacation and sick leave charges and balances (regardless of the source of funds). Reports are due on the l5th of each month and are to be sent to the Director, Office of Human Resources. The report will be prepared using the computer vacation/sick leave system or a "Report of Vacation and Sick Leave for Classified and Non- Teaching Personnel" form (PO-4).


The "Official Time Reports" form (PO-6) must be retained in the employing department for the fiscal year + four years. The "Report of Vacation and Sick Leave for Classified and Non-Teaching Personnel" form

(PO-4) will be retained for three years by the Office of Human Resources.


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Previously HOP 9.37