Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-4410

Jury Duty

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Policy Owner: Assoc. Vice President for Human Resources
November 1, 2001


  1. Policy Statement


The University of Texas at Austin provides paid administrative leave to an employee summoned to perform jury duty.


  1. Scope


This policy applies to any employee who is summoned to perform jury duty.


  1. Compensation


The employee is entitled to serve on a jury without a loss of salary or without any deduction equivalent  to any fee or compensation the employee receives for jury service. In order for the employee to receive pay during periods of jury duty, the employee shall provide documentation of service to the immediate supervisor.


  1. Second and Third Shift Employees


Second and third shift employees who are selected to perform jury duty may be assigned to the first    shift for the period they are required to serve. A temporary replacement may be furnished if determined essential by the supervisor.


If the supervisor decides that an employee must work a second or third shift, in addition to performing jury duty, the employee may elect to receive:


  • Straight compensatory time equivalent to the time necessary to perform jury duty or
  • Straight time wages for the time necessary to perform jury duty


  1. Employee Responsibilities


The employee shall report to work when they are not actually serving on jury duty.


The employee shall provide the supervisor with the proper documentary proof of jury duty and shall promptly and accurately record the use of leave.


  1. Supervisor Responsibilities

The supervisor must review and approve the leave, verify that the employee has accurately recorded the leave, and sign the time report.


  1. Delegation of Authority


Authority is hereby delegated to the department head or designee to determine eligibility for jury duty leave.


For Assistance: Questions regarding jury duty should be directed to Human Resources, Benefits Services Section, or to the website at http://www.utexas.edu/hr/.


Electronic time sheet: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/pntim

Source: Texas Government Code, Section 659.005 and Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 30201


Previously HOP 9.93